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(n.) An uncertain period of awaiting a decision or resolution; an intermediate state or condition. A state of neglect or oblivion.

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spn ladies meme || eight non-humans | Eve

"My children, no thanks to you, started getting kidnapped and tortured. Even my first borns. I was pushed into this. After all, a mother defends her children."

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Meghan Howland


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*sees a dog*

me: nice

*PETS a dog*

me: NICE

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Look at what they make you give.

AU MEME » the Captain America films as the Bourne films. 

one. this is hardcore (end of the line mix), pulp; two. crazy (slow version), gnarls barkley; three. over the edge, symmetry; four. radio kaliningrad, handsome furs; five. and they say helter skelter (kanye west x the beatles), tutankhamun brothers; six. apistat commander, xiu xiu; seven. himininn er að hyrnja, en stjörnurnar fara Þér vel, ólafur arnalds; eight. extreme ways, moby


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DISQUIET  |  ( listen )

Sounds for sleepless bodies, for the madness in their midnight, and the smoke in their lungs.

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Trevor Paglen - They Watch the Moon (2010)

"This photograph depicts a classified ‘listening station’ deep in the forests of West Virginia.

The station is located at the center of the National Radio Quiet Zone, a region of approximately 34,000 square kilometers in West Virginia and parts of Maryland.

Within the Quiet Zone, radio transmissions are severely restricted: omnidirectional and high-powered transmissions (such as wireless internet devices and FM radio stations) are not permitted.

The listening station, which forms part of the global ECHELON system, was designed in part to take advantage of a phenomenon called moonbounce.

Moonbounce involves capturing communications and telemetry signals from around the world as they escape into space, hit the moon, and are reflected back towards Earth.

The photograph is a long exposure under the full moon light.”

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Can you wipe out that much red?

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I’m laughing so hard because Artemis is a Greek goddess of, among other things, maidenhood and archery.  She is literally an aro/ace arrow ace.

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Why do you put your self esteem in the hands of complete strangers?

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this is really powerful. wow.

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THE ROAD; a mix to keep you company as the world pours by.

(1.) dance with me - anna karenina (2.) death and all his friends - coldplay (3.) viva la vida - coldplay (4.) love don’t lie - the fray (5.) somebody told me - the killers (6.) of the night - bastille (7.) 400 lux - lorde (8.) bad blood - bastille (9.) mr. brightside - the killers (10.) lost in my mind - the head and the heart (11.) fallen - imagine dragons (12.) lonely boys - the black keys (13.) highway to hell - ac dc (14.) ramble on - led zeppelin (15.) goodbye stranger - supertramp

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Title: Praise / Love
Artist: Touché Amoré
Played: 436 times


Praise / Love // Touche Amore

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